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For Employees

What is JobAdvisor and how can I use it?

Job advertising and job searching has been the same since the days of circling jobs in the back of the Herald. The Internet has changed the game but job boards essentially still operate in the very same way. We’ve reimagined the job search process by borrowing from proven models found in other industries and have designed a better way.

On traditional job boards, the only way to search for a job is to look at live advertisements. This means you may need to pick the best job from a bad bunch and usually involves attending loads of interviews to see who appeals the most. It’s kind of like going on a series of blind dates where at the end you find yourself in a committed relationship. Oh, and you’re moving in with them on Monday! It’s no surprise that 25% of people leave their job within the first 12 months.

Wouldn’t it be better to first decide who you’d like to work for? We think so. It’s like buying a car - we tend to figure out a few cars we like the look of (based on photos and reviews) before we start looking for what’s available for sale, right?

With JobAdvisor, you can first answer the question of who you’d like to work for before you bother applying and attending all those interviews. Once you find a dream employer you can apply for jobs available now, or you might decide to simply let them know that you’re interested in them by registering your details, or you can follow the company to keep them in mind when you start to get serious about making that next move.

This makes the job search process easier, faster and is much more likely to result in a good match.

Why should I sign up

When you sign up you unlock all the features that we can only serve to you if you have an account. This includes the ability to Follow companies and write reviews. You’ll also unlock the ability to read all reviews.

Why should I do a review?

The power of the community only comes into play when everyone does their bit for the community. Whether you’ve got good or bad things to say about your employer, it’s all useful information to help others find an employer that is right for them. If you find reviews useful we’d be very grateful if you could write a review of your current and previous employers.

Can I review a company that’s not already listed?

Yes, companies don’t need to be already listed to receive a review. We simply ask the member for some basic information as part of the review process.

How do I know the reviews are real?

Our goal is to provide something useful to you, the user. Bogus reviews aren’t useful to anyone so we take great care through a comprehensive moderation process. All reviews require an authenticated email address and are then manually moderated according to our community guidelines prior to being shown on the website. Even if something makes it past moderation that shouldn’t have, all users can flag the content as inappropriate in which case it will be removed for further moderation.

Why can't I see my review?

If you can't see your review, please check the following:

Have you verified your email address? 
Check your junk folder for an email from notifications@jobadvisor.org or login to your account to resend the email. If you need help, just  contact us and we can resend it to you. 

Have you correctly submitted your review?
Make sure you have completed all fields on the review process including the star rating.

Has it been more than 24 hours since you posted your review?
Each review is manually moderated and while we usually approve reviews within a few hours, sometimes it can take 24 hours. Please check back again soon.

Has your review been rejected?
If your review is rejected based on our Community Standards then you will receive an email notifying you. Please check your junk folder for an email from notifications@jobadvisor.org if you don't receive a message from our team. Alternatively, feel free to contact us with any questions.

Is it really anonymous?

Absolutely. While we collect an email address so we can verify you’re a real person and to provide a login to gain full access, we never publish this information and it’s certainly not associated with your review. You can even select for your Job Title not to show with your review. Any other information we collect about you (age, gender, length of experience, etc) is purely for aggregated reporting and will not be linked to your review in any way.

Can I review a previous employer?

Yes, we encourage you to review all your employers. Your review will display whether or not you're a current or ex employee.

How can I share my review?

Once your review has been approved you can share your review via the social links at the bottom of the review. This is a great way to spread the word about great employers.

You can find your review via your account.

How does the moderation process work?

One of the most important aspects of JobAdvisor is our moderation process:

  1. All reviews are required to give both pros and cons - everyone can find at least one thing they like about their job right? Even if it's that you get paid to work there!
  2. All reviews require an email address to be entered and the reviewer receives an automatic email asking them to verify their identity (it's still 100% anonymous but this is important verification step). This is required for the review to be approved. 
  3. Jobadvisor may approve, moderate or reject reviews based upon our Community Standards.
  4. Users have the ability to flag a review as 'Inappropriate'. Once a review is flagged, JobAdvisor will either moderate, approve or reject it.

I think JobAdvisor is awesome, how can I help?

We think you're awesome! If you believe, like we do, that this is an important resource for the Australian community then the best ways to help are:

  1. Post more than one review - you don't need to be a current employee to review a company
  2. Ask your friends and colleagues to review
  3. Tell your HR department about us
  4. Mention or follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin
  5. Let us know what you like about the site or what you'd like to see.

Can employers moderate my review?

No. We take our independence from Employers very seriously because without it you wouldn't have faith in the veracity of the reviews. Employers are not allowed to moderate, edit or delete reviews in any way.

Can employers read my review?

Yes, employers can read reviews like any other user.

Can I remove my review?

Sure, use this contact form and we’ll respond as quickly as we can.

For Employers

What is JobAdvisor and how can I use it?

Choosing who to work for is one of the most important decisions we can make. The problem is that we don’t want to hear what companies have to say about themselves because we don’t trust corporate speak, it’s all a bit too much like propaganda.

Think about the last time you bought a product or went to a restaurant – did you check their photos and reviews online first? Chances are you did because 80% of consumers turn to online reviews first before making a purchase. Looking for a job is the same, we want real content and transparency. We want authentic stories we can trust from the people who matter most - other employees.

JobAdvisor helps employers to give job seekers the real story through photos, videos and anonymous employee reviews.

What do you mean "Employer Branding dead"?

Our mantra at JobAdvisor is that Employer Branding is dead. What we mean by that is gone are the days of writing up your key branding messages and promoting a sanitised view of what your company is all about. That won’t cut it anymore.

We believe it’s now all about Culture Branding. What we mean by that is rather than telling people what it’s like, we need to be showing people what it’s like by relating real, authentic stories. That’s where photos, videos and reviews come in and that’s how JobAdvisor can help.

Why are stories and reviews so important?

In traditional marketing, 90% of consumers trust peer recommendations while only 14% trust advertisements. Why? Peer recommendations are stories about someone’s own experience.

Good recruiters, like good sales and marketers, are good story tellers. You might have the best company in the world but if you can’t tell that story effectively, you’re dead in the water. There’s no better way to tell your story than by letting your staff tell theirs by posting a review. It’s so much more real, authentic and believable.

Reviews are also much better than testimonials or recommendations. When was the last time you wrote a bad recommendation for someone on Linkedin? Never. And that fact removes a lot of the perceived authenticity and value of recommendations.

Why is culture so important?

A staggering 96% of job seekers say reputation was an important factor when choosing an employer.

This is based on research, conducted by global executive recruitment firm Robert Walters who found that although joining a recognisable brand with a good reputation was only the main attraction for 14% of respondents (across all industries) 80% of professionals said working for an organisation with a corporate culture that fit their values was very important. 70% also said strong leadership and being a part of an organisation with a good reputation was very important to them.

The report also found that 23% of professionals would never compromise on joining a company with a good reputation - these are the very employees everyone wants to hire.

Source: http://www.marketingmag.com.au/interviews/loyalty-and-employer-branding-in-the-social-media-age-keith-crowell-interview-45048

How do job listings work?

We’ve partnered with a job board aggregator (Jobseeker.com.au) to automatically display your jobs against your company profile. Jobseeker use automated tools to take a copy of your advertisements from other job boards and your own careers page and then they redisplay that information all on one site. We simply leverage their technology to make it easy for interested candidates to see if you’re hiring.

Will I be opening up a can of worms?

The most important thing to recognise is that there’s no such thing as a bad employer, just a bad culture fit. Every company has challenges and the worst thing you can do is pretend they don’t exist. Your employees will discover them sooner or later and if you haven’t been entirely honest up front you’ll lose their trust and maybe a good worker.

Bad reviews won’t turn off the right people. For example, we have a large banking customer with the odd negative review. Usually these reviews talk about "red tape”, “bureaucracy” and how hard it is to get things done. News flash! That’s the reality of working within a very large organisation that deals with huge sums of money, so it’s a good thing if some people read those reviews and decide it’s not for them. On the other hand, if they read those reviews and are still interested then it’s much more likely they’re a good fit and the right expectation has been set before they start.

It’s also important to understand that you don’t need to register your business to be reviewed (we collect reviews of any Australian employer our users want to review) and if you leave it to chance the majority of your reviews will be from ex employees (simply because most businesses have more ex than current employees). The average rating from ex employees is 55% versus current employees at 75%, so our advice is to ask your current employees for their feedback and let them tell your story.

How do I manage bad reviews?

Negative sentiment in social media, while not ideal, should certainly not be viewed as being detrimental to business. What negative sentiment gives a business is the opportunity to publicly display how apt they are at dealing with any issues raised by a customer… or in this case by an employee. 

Negative sentiment, which is publicly acknowledged and dealt with, can actually be good for a business. A company which demonstrates that it is listening and taking on board comments in order to improve, will be perceived as being more in-tune with their employees.

Your Options

When it comes to managing negative sentiment in social media, you essentially have 4 options: 

1. Ignore (not recommended) Ignoring a problem is sometimes a strong strategy – the more fuss you make about the issue the more you may unintentionally bring attention to it. However, we don’t recommend this approach in the context of JobAdvisor because in most cases, people just want to be heard and these are your own employees you’re talking about. In fact, not being heard was probably a contributor to the negative sentiment in the first place.

2. Suppress (not recommended) It is generally accepting in social media circles that this is the worst of all approaches. People who have something to say will find a way to say it and there is no better way to motivate them to shout louder than to try to suppress their opinion.

3. Drown Out (recommended) One of the best ways to combat negative sentiment is to drown the negativity out with positivity. Part of this process is “featuring” your favourite reviews so that these are the first ones that users see. However, if you have a negative review on JobAdvisor, the best way to manage this is to ask other employees to give a more balanced view. Chances are the majority of your current employees are happy, otherwise they wouldn’t be there.

4. Engage (recommended) With a Standard Membership and above you are able to reply to reviews. We highly recommend this approach for one simple reason, it shows that you’re listening. The reviewer is notified that you have replied, which can often take the heat out of their negativity (which in turn can stop them continuing to spread negativity). Other users can see that you’ve responded and provided that you respond in the right way, this can turn a negative into a win.

Replying to Reviews

Best practice when replying to negative reviews include:

  1. Thank them for their feedback 
  2. Humanise the brand – be a ‘person’ rather than a ‘company’ 
  3. Acknowledge the problems / mistakes – don’t be defensive 
  4. Be clear about what’s changed or how you are working to solve the problem
  5. Never lose your cool – negative feedback often reflects more on the person who gave it than the company it’s about. This can work for you so long as you don’t do the same.

In essence, you want to be perceived as a company that is secure enough in itself to acknowledge that it’s not perfect and wants to know how it can do better. Here's a good example.

Of course it doesn't have to be a bad review, here's another good example.

How do you validate that the reviews are real?

Real reviews are the core of our business so this is a big focus for us too.
While it's impossible to guarantee that every review is real, we take all reasonable steps to minimize any false reviews.

  1. All reviews need to have a verified email address before they can be approved. Users may also sign-up with Linkedin where there is an extra degree of certainty that the review is legitimate.
  2. The review process has comprehensive cues to encourage balanced, useful reviews.
  3. The reviewer is asked for both Pros and Cons which ensures a balanced response.
  4. Jobadvisor may approve, moderate or reject a review based upon our Community Standards.
  5. Users have the ability to flag a review as “Inappropriate".

Please note that all Employers who have claimed their page receive an email alert whenever a new review is posted. This is a great way to keep across your reviews and flag anything that you feel does not meet our Community Standards.

Employers with an enhanced profile can choose to reply to reviews and feature their favourite reviews.

What if a disgruntled employee unloads on us?

Firstly, any review posted on the site must be in line with our Community Standards. If a review is in breach of our Community Standards we reserve the right to reject or moderate it. Whilst we will use our best efforts to make sure all reviews are in line with our Community Standards we make no guarantees in that regard given the volume of information on our website. We therefore encourage employers to claim their site and have an active involvement in their JobAdvisor profile.

You always have the option to report reviews you regard as inappropriate and unless you think you are going to get hundreds of disgruntled employees saying bad things (in which case maybe you have some real issues you need to address) then the good comment comments will be balanced with the bad.

At the end of the day it’s your overall score that matters to users.

How can I improve my score?

In analysing review data, what we've found is that current employees rate their employers an average of 75% versus ex employees who rate an average of 55%.

Here lies the answer to how to improve your company's score - simply ask more current employees to post a review.

Is this gaming the system? No, we encourage you to ask for reviews because we want relevant, up to date reviews, and only current employees can give us this information.

How can I promote my Employment Brand?

JobAdvisor is a powerful marketing tool for recruiters. Anonymous reviews from actual employees is so much more powerful than traditional marketing so it's important to use your reviews to attract the right talent.

How to leverage your reviews

Once you have enough reviews, it's time to start leveraging your asset:

  1. Include a link to your reviews on all staff's email signatures (especially recruitment and HR staff)
  2. Use your JobAdvisor rating plugin on your careers page (see your Settings page - here's an example)
  3. Direct potential candidates to your JobAdvisor page to read your reviews 
  4. Reference your JobAdvisor rating in your job ads - example below:

What to say

When speaking with potential candidates, this might be a good approach for you to try:

"It's really important for you and for us that we get a strong culture fit and part of that is understanding and being comfortable with the challenges of working with XYZ. I'd suggest reading what our employees have to say (completely anonymously) on our JobAdvisor page." 

Important Note

If you have negative reviews, let candidates know that they need to be comfortable with the realities of the job if they are to be considered for the role you're hiring. Candidates know that no company is perfect and they appreciate the honesty. This is also a great way to set the right expectation up front and ensure you're hiring the right kind of people.

How can I get more reviews?
Review Checklist

  1. Post a review yourself 
  2. Ask your team to post a review
  3. Ask hiring managers to post a review (and ask them to ask their team) so they can "help me attract the right people for you"
  4. Add a link asking for reviews in your email signature
  5. Add a link asking for reviews on your intranet
  6. Make posting a company review part of your staff review process (perhaps as part of their first 3 month review)
  7. Ask your current staff, interns and alumni to post a review - example below:


SUBJECT: What do you think?

Hi ,

We'd like to ask for your help with a new initiative we're undertaking for our employment branding and recruitment.

To help us differentiate in the market  we are partnering with a website called JobAdvisor which is where Employees can anonymously rate their Employers online. We'd love to know what you think about working at because no one can tell our story as well as you can.

All you need to do is go here [hyperlink to your company page URL]  and click on "Write Review". It's all 100% anonymous and takes about 1 min to complete.

If you have any questions please contact *contactperson*.

Thanks for your help!


How can I get the JobAdvisor buttons for my signature?

Simply right click and download one of the images below:

Link to: http://www.jobadvisor.org/*yourcompany*

Quick Stats
Average Ratings by Employee Type
  • Current Employee: 75%
  • Ex Employee: 55%
Average Ratings by Gender
  • Female: 75%
  • Male: 71%
Average Ratings by City
  • Perth: 77%
  • Melbourne: 72%
  • Sydney: 72%
  • Brisbane: 68%
  • Adelaide: 66%
  • Canberra: 65%
Top Rated Industries (so far)
  • Advertising: 77%
  • Information Technology: 73%
  • Telecommunications: 72%
  • Recruitment: 71%
  • Banking & Finance: 65%
  • Insurance: 61%
Average Satisfaction Rating
  • The average rating from employees about their employers on JobAdvisor is 71.6% satisfaction