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More candidates, less applicants

Which would you prefer, people applying for your jobs simply because their skills match the bullet points on your job ad? Or people applying because they believe in your brand and are truly excited to be a part of your culture?

Tell your story visually

Easily create and manage your own profile to tell your story. Go premium to feature images, embed videos, and list values and benefits.

Leverage social proof

71% of consumers agree that reviews make them more comfortable that they are buying the right product/service. It's the same when choosing whether or not to apply for a job.

Always be hiring

Most employers are only marketing themselves when they're actively hiring. This is a huge missed opportunity and will ensure your recruitment process is always reactive. JobAdvisor helps top talent to find your business, even when you're not advertising on job boards.

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Stop paying for job ads

Our technology enables us to automatically display your live jobs on your company profile. These are gathered from your careers page and other job boards you use such as Linkedin. Social integration shows users who they already know within your company to build trust and make it easy to reach out.

Build a trusted employer brand

Authenticity is critical. Avoid the corporate speak and share what it's really like.

Social integration shows users who they already know within your company.

Leverage your reviews by using the JobAdvisor plugin on your careers page.

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JobAdvisor's purpose is to help companies of all sizes build open and transparent employer brands. It's free to claim your company's profile and build out your page with photos and videos. Get started today
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