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Community Standards

Our goal is to build high quality and useful information on what it's like to work for Australian employers. By using our website you agree to abide by our Terms of Use and these Community Standards. Prior to posting any information on our website your must ensure that the information is:

1. Useful

JobAdvisor is about helping the community. It's not about letting off steam or getting back at someone. Constructive feedback will help others make a decision about whether a business is right for them or not so that's what we're looking for.

Please note that we reject reviews that don't have at least one pro because we believe that everyone can think of at least one positive about their employer, even if it's that you get paid for working there! Unless you don't like getting paid for working…

2. Constructive

If you work for a company that needs to lift its game, please try to be constructive so that the company can do something about it. Bring solutions, not just problems.

3. Polite

Your boss might really wind you up but unleashing this emotion in a public forum isn't the best way to deal with it. Reviews with swearing and aggressive language won't be approved.

4. Well Written

Please help us to approve your review quickly by taking a few extra seconds to check your spelling and grammar. Please also avoid abbreviations and ALL CAPS.

5. Not Private, Confidential or in breach of Intellectual Property Rights

It's your responsibility to ensure you do not post any information which is private, confidential or in breach of any third party intellectual property rights. You should also refrain from posting any information you contractually (or ethically) shouldn’t disclose.

6. Not Defamatory

Your review should not contain any defamatory remarks or refer to specific individuals, even by inference (e.g. by using someone's job title or referring to a department where there are only a few workers).

Your review may not be approved if you make allegations that could be considered a statement of fact. For example, "this company discriminates against non Australians" could be considered a statement of fact that would be hard to prove and therefore potentially defamatory. On the other hand, "I felt discriminated against" might be your personal opinion which would not be defamtory.

7. Verified

All reviews need to be associated with a verified email address, Facebook or LinkedIn account before they can be approved. This just helps us stop spam bots and trolls.

8. Honest

This should really go without saying but please do not post multiple reviews of the same company in order to skew a company’s score (either negatively or positively). Our systems and moderators are good at picking up suspicious activity and will block users who attempt this.

Thanks very much for your support! It's also important for you to understand our Terms of Use and Privacy & Cookie Policy.