Results are in for Australia’s Coolest Companies 2015

Australia’s Coolest Companies 2015 competition results are in! This year’s contest brought out some amazing Aussie companies. In addition to online applications that each company had to submit to be considered, judges also evaluated each company’s anonymous employee reviews on JobAdvisor. After all, that’s where you can see what it’s really like to work there. The two categories this year were Coolest in Tech and Cool for Women. Both awards celebrate companies who offer a game changing service, provide unprecedented benefits to employees, foster friendly working environments and are addressing workplace diversity and inclusion.

Along the way we uncovered a few interesting trends such as that bringing dogs to the office is the new cool perk just as foosball tables used to be, and found that companies across Australia are tackling challenges like equal pay and parental leave with some great results.

Without further ado, here are our 2015 Coolest Companies winners as well as finalists for each category.

Canva – Australia’s Coolest Company in Tech

Canva team

What they do

Canva is an online design platform with a drag-and-drop design tool and a stock library of over 1 million photographs and imagery.

What their employees say

“The people are probably the best part! Everyone is positive and friendly and passionate about their craft. The team feels like a family. Ideas trump egos, because at the end of the day everyone wants what’s best for the product. There’s a strong sense of egalitarianism in the culture, there’s no managers and everyone treats each other as equals.”

What our judges said

Ben Hutt: “At Canva, the culture and people make it a truly one-of-a kind place to work. Canva’s product empowers everyone to be a designer, but its culture allows its entire team to be leaders.”

Envato – Coolest Company for Women

Envato team photo

What they do

Envato is a marketplace provider of digital products created by a global community of 5 million+ creatives. Envato make websites that help people around the world change the way they earn and learn.

What their employees say

“Far too many companies talk the talk about diversity, inclusion, and equal opportunities for women in technology, but few follow through. Envato has diversity in its DNA and is the most gender inclusive business I’ve ever worked in. As a woman I’ve been given authentic opportunities to thrive, grow, challenge myself and lead. Women are respected and there’s meaningful, proactive work to keep improving opportunities and never settle with ‘good enough’.”

What our judges said

Karen Lawson: “Diversity and unconscious bias training (finally!!), awesome perks, policy and benefits. It’s busting with personality and execution. A good reason to move to Melbourne!!”

Here are the companies in each category:

Top 10 Coolest Companies in Tech in Australia

  1. Canva
  2. Vinomofo
  3. Envato
  4. Buzinga
  5. Vocus Communications
  6. AdRoll
  7. Adobe
  8. 99Designs
  9. Integral Ad Science
  10. Datalicious

Top 10 Coolest Companies for Women in Australia

  1. Envato
  2. CommBank
  3. Adobe
  4. 33Talent
  5. Ausmed
  6. Rackspace Hosting
  7. Nitro
  8. Aspect Personnel
  9. FirstClick Consulting
  10. Acxiom

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    Lets hope that these great ‘new’ office initiatives filter through to many more companies out there.

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