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About Us


Tyro Payments is the only independent EFTPOS provider in Australia competing with the major retail banks, advocating and voicing the interests of the small business community. Tyro is a unique Australian business: a banking institution with a deep technology DNA. The Tyro team is a collection of passionate change agents who are highly-skilled but constantly learn, living the lean startup and agile culture, with open communication and a flat hierarchy. We have a relentless focus on revolutionising banking for the benefit of our customers.

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Why we're different

Shake it up

You’re not just going to work at Tyro, you’re going to make a difference. We believe the banking and payments industry is rudimentary and in need of a serious shake-up, so everyday we’re challenging the status quo to bring about change. We have a growth culture, we’re buzzing with energy, and we welcome ideas - big or small. With a flat structure and transparent leadership, we strive for a workplace where everyone’s a decision maker.

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Our Culture

At Tyro, we believe in innovation, transparency and community. There's no gap between thought and action - we breathe life into great ideas and watch them take flight. Our inclusive culture fosters open discussion and every team-member is encouraged to have their say. And, because our people are our greatest asset, we are committed to providing fulfilling work and flexible arrangements within a supportive and social environment.

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