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About Us

Who are we?

Hi! We're PetSure! PetSure is the name behind pet insurance in Australia, powering the pet insurance solutions of a range of brands, including some of Australia’s largest and most respected household names. We exist to make a difference to the health of pets by protecting pet parents from the unexpected. WE'RE HIRING!!!!!! We love welcoming new members to the team - check out SEEK and LinkedIn to see our current vacancies!

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Why we're different

We play in an exciting industry!

We hail from all corners of the world and apply an incredible depth of experience to our work. Vets, IT Specialists, Data Scientists, Product Analysts, we have the best minds working on the latest and newest initiatives for our industry. Together, we work hard, we collaborate, we have fun and we recognise our success.

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Checking hiring status...

Our Culture

We're different from most companies...and we like it that way!

At PetSure we like to push the boundaries and create innovative solutions for our clients and customers. We are young company full of energy and great ideas.

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