What they do
Envato is a marketplace provider of digital products created by a global community of 5 million+ creatives. Envato make websites that help people around the world change the way they earn and learn.

What they say
"Our team have unconscious bias and diversity training, and we have industry leading maternity and paternity paid leave (getting it right for women makes it better for everyone). We also have opportunities for job sharing and flexible working options, because one size doesn’t fit all.. Our Parental Leave Program is pretty cool and supports parents back into the workplace. We have a dedicated room for breastfeeding/expressing, and a Slack channel for parents on leave to stay in touch and share experiences."

What their employees say
"Envato has diversity in its DNA and is the most gender inclusive business I've ever worked in. As a woman I've been given authentic opportunities to thrive, grow, challenge myself and lead. Women are respected and there's meaningful, proactive work to keep improving opportunities and never settle with 'good enough'."

What the judges said
Ben Hutt: "Envato stood out for its business strategy to make the tech industry more attractive to a wide range of people, including women."