What they do
Vinomofo is a the coolest online wine retailer offering members epic daily deals. They work directly with producers from around the world to find the wines they love and curate them to your taste.

What they say
"We're a lifestyle employer who values the fact our human 'resources' are indeed human, not a commodity. We provide plenty of perks and a fun environment in which to work but beyond that, it's the fact we meet the basic human needs of belonging, validation, nurture and inspiration that really makes the difference. It's not always easy to see, but it's readily felt and it matters."

What their employees say
"This is the kind of place that empowers employees to be their best. The environment and culture is very welcoming, you feel like you belong and are supported to challenge the norm, be creative and grow!"

What the judges said
Justin Babet: "Love that they focus on human needs of belonging, validation, nurturing and inspiration."