What they do
Canva is changing the way the world designs. Their simple, online design tool allows anybody to create incredible, professional designs – putting the power of visual communication at anyone's fingertips.

What they say
"As of today, we have a whopping 6 million users in 179 countries world wide. The business is growing at such a rapid pace - and there is nothing more fulfilling than being part of an exponential realisation of the company’s goals and dreams. One of our key strategies is to hire the best people, and to keep them happy by providing a balance of work and play. At Canva - we value people and promote a culture that encourages our team to love coming to work everyday."

What their employees say
“The team feels like a family. Ideas trump egos, because at the end of the day everyone wants what's best for the product. There's a strong sense of egalitarianism in the culture, there's no managers and everyone treats each other as equals.”

What the judges said
Justin Babet: "Canva is probably one of the most exciting employment opportunities globally in tech right now."