JobAdvisor’s Coolest Companies 2016

The results are in!

This year we’ve received a record number of applications from companies big and small from all across Australia. It’s fair to say the Coolest Companies 2016 competition has been very tough this year, and it’s certainly not been easy for the judges to whittle the numbers down when deciding who’s the coolest. After much deliberation and extensive judging criteria the results are in…. *drum roll*...

Coolest Companies in Tech

We’ve had some of the most creative and impressive applications this year, including some in poem format! Judges used several criteria to decide who really shone through as Australia’s Coolest Companies, from submissions to reviews, a lot of analytical deliberation was used to determine the Top 20. A huge well done to everyone who participated… And now for the results!

Coolest Companies in Finance

This was the first year we introduced this category, and with the category being unknown territory, we felt it was best to focus on the top 5 finance superstars who really impressed the judges.

These finance finalists all had very unique applications, showcasing some of the best aspects about who they are and why they’re special. We’ve seen some impressive business expansions, robust culture values, unique staff incentives and reward systems including free breakfasts, international talent mobilities, office olympics and onsite yoga to designated pet areas. These companies really do go above and beyond for their employees and clients. And of course a big well done to every finance entrant, even if you don’t see your name here, the competition was tough and you’re still superstars!

Coolest Companies for Diversity

Last year we had some awesome companies entering for the Coolest Companies for Women category. But why stop there? This year we’ve expanded the category and renamed it ‘Diversity’ allowing more freedom to celebrate what’s truly great and diverse about your organisation.

We had lots of fantastic submissions who are doing awesome projects, programs, and incentives for their employees, community and charities. From videos exploring the uniqueness and differences across workforces to dedicated commitments to diversity and gender equality schemes, entrants this year have really impressed the judges. That said, the judges have had the very tough decision to narrow it down to the top 10. Well done to everyone who participated and are demonstrating the advancing of equality and diversity - you’re awesome.

Coolest SMBs

This year we wanted to give a chance to the smaller players and celebrate what’s great or unique about working for them. Cool can come in all shapes and sizes, which is why we’re recognising the Top Ten Coolest SMBs.

We couldn’t believe how many entrants we had for this category, especially since this is the first year we’ve introduced it. We’ve seen unique employee incentives, a real focus on staff training, retention and diversity as well cultures which show true passion and proud working environments. It was incredibly difficult to choose only ten finalists for this category. A big thank you to every company who participated, even if your name is not listed, doesn’t mean you’re not superstars! And now for the results…