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Why we're different

Canva life

We want everyone at Canva to feel challenged and inspired to do the best work of their lives. To have the fire in their belly to continuously learn and improve. To play an active role in making Canva become their dream company and their dream job. To feel supported, and to support others. We can all play an active role in shaping Canva to be the company that we all want to work at.

Our Values

Empower the world to design

Design helps people to communicate, small business owners get more customers, charities to spread awareness and share their stories. Design helps people to share their ideas, to celebrate special occasions.

Make complex things simple

Working through complex problems to arrive at a simple, elegant solution is something that is core to Canva. Canva is simple - as it should be!

Maximise Customer Happiness

As we grow exponentially - we maintain our focus on making sure all of our work sees the sunlight and make our customers happy.

Ceremoniously celebrate wins along the way

Outlandish, crazy, quirky celebrations are part of our DNA and we need to make sure we keep them quirky forever more. Canva knows how to celebrate!

Dream crazy big and then make it happen

This is such an important aspect of our company: having crazy big dreams, that are challenging and inspiring, and then figuring out the steps to make that happen


Stay healthy with a subsidised gym membership.

Our Culture

Canva vibe

At Canva, we promote a culture that encourages our team to love coming to work everyday. Our employees have a bunch of perks, including two in-house chefs - who whip up delicious healthy meals everyday, an office bar - with an unlimited supply of drinks, and a vibe team - coming up with fun team events such as Canva Sports Day! Canva has a workplace that induces fun, creativity, and great work. Working to make the world a better place.


Location is everything. We're close to transport.

What we look for

Join us!

At Canva - we are always on the lookout for the best talent to join our team. From digital designers to software engineers, customer service - we work hard to find the best talent and provide an environment for them to do great work. Drop your applications at jobs@canva.com.


Own a piece of the business with stock options.