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“I love working here :-) ”

10 months ago by a Senior Consultant at Aspect Personnel, Melbourne


Aspect are a very collaborative company, it's great working here. Everyone is supportive and helpful, and we all encourage each others' success. We have a fantastic work life balance, and have a great social side, which personally I believe does nothing but strengthen the professional side.


If you are a ruthless and hardcore, dog eat dog, sales machine type recruiter - we aren't for you.

“By far the best company I have worked for!”

10 months ago by a Consultant at Aspect Personnel, Melbourne


I think what really makes Aspect Personnel stand out for me is the amazing culture and working environment.

The culture is very positive, inclusive, fun, engaging and collaborative whilst also being committed to delivering the highest quality service to customers.

Team leaders put a lot of time and thought into the ongoing professional and personal development of staff. There is also a big emphasis of staff well-being with social, lunch and book clubs and more on offer.

Aspect also has a genuine commitment to CSR and giving back.

Last but not least the office is amazing!


If you're a lone wolf an don't enjoying sharing in the success of your colleagues and team this probably wouldn't be the best company for you.

“Great place to work with strong ethics!”

10 months ago by a Manager at Aspect Personnel, Melbourne


When you spend as many hours a week as all professionals do then you want to be happy about where you do it and who you are surrounded by. Aspect has this covered in all ways. An amazing new workspace with fantastic views and a diverse and dynamic team who all operate in sync. Mix this with a strong CSR identity and you have an environment that is a pleasure to work in.


While you will have full ownership and responsibility for your desk, this place won't suit you if you do not enjoy working in a collaborative team environment

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